The adjacent forests and lakes act as a fountain of youth – to one they bring tranquility and relaxation and to the other they activate energy and exploratory spirit.

LAKE NEUDORFER SEE________________

Gleichermaßen wirkt er einladend – er zieht uns in seinen Bann, lädt uns ein, mit ihm eins zu werden. Er weckt den kindlichen Spieldrang in unserem tiefsten inneren ICH.

The calm flowing lake captures us and invites us to become one with it. It awakens our innr childlike impulse to play and enjoy the moment.


At the same time it impresses us with its sheer size and dimension. It stimulates us, gives us life and breath. It awakens our exploratory spirit and provides us with energy.

It feeds tranquility, strength and serenity. It provides us with grounding and a connection to nature like no other giving us a sense of calm and centering.